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LianTronics VL1.6 Fine-Pitch LED Display for a Studio in the USA

Product Category :Fine Pitch
Pixel Pitch :PH1.6mm
Display Size :26㎡
Installation Date :2017


LianTronics FC3 is Applied at TV Studio of Car Fans Channel

Recently, LianTronics has successfully finished the installation of four pieces of 8K P1.6mm fine-pitch LED display for a Studio in the USA. With the area of 26㎡ and the resolution of 3840*1296, 696*1296(2pcs) and 1920*1080.The screens are built at broadcasting studio which make great contribution to the news broadcast and perfectly showcase the TV Station’s image.

Liantronics V series fine-pitch LED display could deliver sharp and delicate image as well as be optimized for a wide range of resolution needs, budgets, lighting environments and viewing distances. With specially-designed panel and the light weight of 7.8kg, it is very easy and convenient for front installation and maintenance. V series is tailored for nearly every indoor application including retail stores, airports, hotels, corporate lobbies, control rooms and public spaces.

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