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LianTronics VL1.2 LED Display provides a new commanding platform for Shenyang Military Region

Product Category :Fine Pitch
Pixel Pitch :PH1.2mm
Display Size :90㎡
Installation Date :2015

Shenyang Military Region, as the one of seven Chinese People’s Liberation Army military region, always adheres to the leadership and command of Chinese Communist Party as well as seriously carries out and implement the path, principles and policies of Central Military Commission to strengthen the military combat effectiveness and make the contribution to protect our motherland and build a steady socialism.

Recently, LianTronics has built the HD LED display with jumbo size of 90㎡, the small pixel pitch of 1.2mm and the resolution about 8K for a conference room of Shenyang Military Region. This V series LED display from LianTronics includes three LED displays which can present same or different pictures and contents respectively and frequently under the control of video processors. With the features of the fan-less design and great dissipation, this huge LED display could be operated quietly and safely. Besides, this sharp, clear and uniform LED display greatly helps to promote military command center at information level and provide a full-fledged scheduling platform. The success of this small pixel pitch project provided by LianTronics, to a certain extent, will become the landmark case for military region.

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