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LianTronics PP97 Super-sized Indoor LED Digital Signage and V2.5 Small Pixel Pitch Display Advertise for Lanzhou Zhongchuan International Airport

Product Category :Fine Pitch
Pixel Pitch :PH2.4mm+PH2.5mm
Display Size :16 sets of PP97+22.776㎡ V2.5
Installation Date :2015
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Lanzhou Zhongchuan International Airport (IATA: LHW, ICAO: ZLLL) with an altitude of 1947 meters, is located at the fringe of the Qing-Tibet Plateau. Since opened in 1970, ZLLL serves as a major airport in the northwest of China which contains more than 80 national routes to 62 main cities of China. Besides, Most continental flights from Europe to Hong Kong have to fly over this airport because of Lanzhou’s special geographical location. According to the official statistics, passenger traffic at Lanzhou Airport in 2013 reached up to 5.6 million.

Recently, LianTronics has provided 16 sets of P2.4 high-end advertising LED displays and 8 pieces of P2.5 LED display for Lanzhou Zhongchuan International Airport, which is another unexceptionable landmark for airport application. The 8 pieces of V2.5 LED displays are installed respectively at baggage claim area of Zhongchuan Airport T2 terminal. Meanwhile, 16 sets of PP97 are welcoming visitors from all directions at boarding gates. LianTronics PP97 is specially suitable to broadcast the advertisement and directive information for various applications such as airport, shopping mall, hotel lobby, bank, etc. because its innovative design and super size could draw more attention and cover more audience to generating greater opportunities.