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LianTronics Small Pixel Pitch LED Displays Refresh the Erdos People Procuratorate in Inner Mongolia

Product Category :Fine Pitch
Pixel Pitch :PH1.6mm, PH2.5mm, PH3mm
Display Size :72㎡
Installation Date :2015

Recently, LianTronics V series small pixel pitch LED displays with the total area about 72㎡, including 5 sets of LED screens, are successfully installed in Erdos People’s Procuratorate, and it has become one of the most typical landmark projects for procuratorate application.

Information Promotion

5 sets of small pixel pitch LED displays are mounted respectively in the reception hall, reception room, conference room and Lecture Hall of the Erdos People’s Procuratorate. A variety of information publicity and policy rules can be delivered visually and clearly by these HD LED displays so as to provide Faster and more efficient service for the people and government. The completion of this project is of great significance to information construction of the Erdos People’s Procuratorate.

Customized project

Because of complicated environment, LianTronics engineers have made the strict and meticulous investigation on installation environment and have formulated appropriate scheme on the basis of different applications and environments before designing the project. For example, V3.0 was selected for lecture hall with the larger area and farther view distance, V2.5 was selected for reception room with the larger area and fair view distance and V1.6 was selected for conference room for nearer view distance. Finally, LianTronics has made the best and most suitable LED displays. The effect of 5 sets of LED displays and high-level expertise of LianTronics engineers are highly praised by the leader of the Erdos People’s Procuratorate.

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