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8K V1.6 Fine-Pitch LED Display at Shengyang Superior Court for Monitoring

Product Category :Fine Pitch
Pixel Pitch :PH1.6mm
Display Size :40㎡
Installation Date :2016
Related Products :VL1.6

Recently, LianTronics has successfully finished the installation of one piece of 8K P1.6mm Fine-pitch LED display for Shengyang Superior Court. With the area of 40㎡ and the resolution of 9408*1512, the screen was built at centralized control center to broadcast the video of court trial, which not only enhances the transparency of judicial process, but also strengthens supervision degree as the superior court can supervise the inferior court anytime by watching the trial video.

Liantronics V series Fine-Pitch LED display could deliver sharp and delicate image as well as be optimized for a wide range of resolution needs, budgets, lighting environments and viewing distances. With specially-designed panel and the light weight of 7.8kg, it is very easy and convenient for front installation and maintenance. V series is tailored for nearly every indoor application including retail stores, airports, hotels, corporate lobbies, control rooms and public spaces.