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LianTronics Provided Three Customized LED Displays for Chengdu Cade Plaza in Sichuan

Product Category :Indoor Fixed
Pixel Pitch :PH10mm+PH6mm x 2
Display Size :579㎡(Ceiling) + 52㎡(Escalator) + 19㎡(Rink)
Installation Date :2015

The ceiling LED screen

Covering an area about 197 thousand square meters, Chengdu Cade Plaza is located in the high-tech and commercial zone in Sichuan, which is a representative and superior commercial project that Capitaland dedicates to develop the southwest market at first step. Now, Chengdu Cade Plaza has become a city center landmark for a variety of activities such as catering, leisure and entertainment.

Recently, LianTronics has installed three different LED displays in Chengdu Cade Plaza for running the latest promotions and issuing the information. The ceiling LED display with the pixel pitch of 10mm is built to create a relaxing atmosphere and attract more consumers. For the other two LED displays with the pixel pitch of 6mm, one is built on the side of the escalator and another is mounted on the side of the skating rink, showcasing high-quality images and stimulating potential business.

The escalator LED display

LED screen on the side of skating rink

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