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LianTronics P5 Cylindrical Display Advertises in Studio City Macau

Product Category :Outdoor Fixed
Pixel Pitch :PH5mm
Display Size :35㎡
Installation Date :2015


Product Category: Indoor Fixed LED Display
Pixel Pitch: PH5mm
Display Size: 35㎡


LianTronics P5 Cylindrical Display Advertises in Studio City Macau

    Studio City is a new integrated entertainment resort in Macau, China. Situated in the heart of Cotai, adjacent to the Lotus Bridge Immigration Point and directly connected to the light rail system which will open later, Studio City combines electrifying entertainment with an exciting array of accommodation, regional and international dining and designer brand shopping, as well as a spacious and contemporary casino.
In October, 2015, LianTronics successfully installed a P5 indoor LED display with the area of 35 sqms for Studio City Macau. The screen was specially designed as the cylinderic shape with smooth style, which would appeal to more people and then bring more commercial opportunity for merchants. Besides, supporting for front and rear maintenance, the screen is more convenient for parts repair and replacement. With proven technique and qualified products, pedestrians can experience fantastic visual effect around the attention-drawing screen.

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