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1208sq.m Outdoor full color LED display in New Giza: Regarded as the Top of the Seven LED Wonders of the World

Product Category :Outdoor Fixed
Pixel Pitch :PH32mm
Display Size :1208㎡
Installation Date :2008

The installation of the largest Egyptian outdoor full color LED screen with 1208 sq.m made by Liantronics was finished and accepted by our customer on Aug.12,2008.

New Giza signed on the contract of this project with Liantronics in April after carefully reviewing, comparison of tens of manufacturers and their representative projects. Only 35 days' lead time testifies Liantronics's large production capacity. From installation, debugging to acceptance, it takes less than one month.

Considering its large size, highland installation and wide view space, our customer constructed a six-storey building as the main body of installation structure to make sure the such a huge screen works normally in such atrocious weather of strong wind, sandstorm, high temperature and dryness. This screen is equipped with CREE EZ series super bright LEDs and perfect protective measures, even the special power generator and 96 air-conditioners.

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