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LianTronics F10 shines outside of COCO Park in Shenzhen

Product Category :Outdoor Fixed
Pixel Pitch :PH10mm
Display Size :103㎡
Installation Date :2015

By gathering more than 200 famous brands at home and abroad , COCO Park has become one of the most distinctive and popular shopping mall in Shenzhen which Integrates with the multi-function of catering, shopping, leisure and entertainment.

LianTronics outdoor full color LED display with the large area of 103㎡and the Pixel Pitch of PH10mm is installed above the entrance of a COCO Park, broadcasting the latest news and promotional advertisements to attract the influx of customers through its fresh color and high contrast images. This series of outdoor fixed display is well utilized to promote different outdoor business advertisements not only because its high protection grade under the open air environment but also its super wide angle for covering more potential customers.

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