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LianTronics FS8 LED Display Sparkles at Hollywood Walk of Fame!

Product Category :Outdoor Fixed
Pixel Pitch :PH8mm
Display Size :22.42 square metersX2+8.25 square metersX2
Installation Date :2014
Related Products :FS8

May 26, 2014- LianTronics, a leader in LED display, provided solutions for TCL Chinese Theatre at Hollywood Walk of Fame which is a cultural and historic landmark of Los Angeles.

The other two signages installed on the building wall

TCL Chinese Theatre is a cinema on the historic Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6925 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California. There are nearly 200 Hollywood celebrity handprints, footprints, and autographs in the concrete of the theatre’s forecourt. Every year, the Theatre draws about 4 million viewers. In order to take a further step for expansion, the theatre decided to build LED displays to broadcast ads and film news to attract more people. As a famous brand in China, LianTronics won the bid through its superior products quality, thoughtful pre-sale service and rich experience in building LED displays.

Close-up of the signage

Actually, LED displays are very suitable for cinema and theatre to update movie information, show the video clips to the audience and promote specials, because it could direct useful information to customers quickly without effort. Today, the cooperation between LianTronics and TCL Chinese Theatre is the best interpretation of a perfect match.

The Overall View of LianTronics LED Displays at Hollywood Walk of Fame

The LED screens installed by LianTronics not only bring forward business value but also add some modern flavor to the historic street. With the sparkling LED displays shining on the boulevard, LianTronics together with TCL Chinese Theatre welcome guests coming from all directions to witness the latest LED wonder!