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LianTronics F16 Screen Illuminates with a Perfect 90 Degree Angle in Huaqiangbei Commercial Area of Shenzhen

Product Category :Outdoor Fixed
Pixel Pitch :PH16mm
Display Size :550㎡
Installation Date :2015
Related Products :F16

Gathering the prevailing industry of finance, electron and commerce, Huaqiangbei Commercial Area becomes one of the most prosperous and bustling commercial district in Shenzhen. It is likely to be the largest market for electronic parts and mobile phones in Asia. According to the statistics, the average number of visitors in Huaqiangbei per day is over 600 thousands with the annual turnover of more than 60 billion RMB.

A large LED display with an area of 550㎡ from LianTronics is installed seamlessly on the exterior wall of Maoye Department Store where located at the heart of Huaqiangbei Commercial Area. This gorgeous project employs LianTronics F16 to piece up a screen with a right angle, which is particularly noticeable for attracting the potential advertisers and largely generating more business value. Carrying the idea of innovation and adopting environmental friendly technology, LianTronics F Series (DIP) is able to be energy-saving while catering to a project’s specific requirements. Moreover, F Series could achieve high protection grade of IP65 to fit any harsh environment.