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LianTronics P3.81 LED Display Enter into Bread of Life Church in Tsuen Wan, Hongkong

Product Category :Rental
Pixel Pitch :P3.81mm
Display Size :58 square meters
Installation Date :2016


Finished in May, 2014, this project consists of 3 LED screens which spread like a wing to the audience. The main screen size is 9760mmx2928mm with the resolution of 2560x768pixels, while the two side screen adopts the size of 4880mmx2928mm.

The screens could either play the same contents as a whole or play individual contents separately through video processor. The project employs LianTronics classical series---RC3, and with a high brightness of 2200nits and an excellent refresh rate of 2000Hz the LED displays are well accepted by the customer.

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