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A Collection of 2018 Major Cases

With excitement and expectation, we wave bye to the year of 2018 and step into a brand-new year of 2019. For LianTronics, 2018 is a great year with tremendous progress and bumper harvest. Thanks for the continuous support from worldwide clients, LianTronics LED displays are shining brightly around the world. Now, let’s take a general review to see what we have done in 2018.

1.LianTronics 600m2 LED Displays Shine at Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge
Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge has been officially opened with the announcement of President Xi on Oct.23, 2018. This unique project is now known as the most innovative and un-preceded bridge worldwide.  LianTronics of Shenzhen, China (a well-known manufacturer and distributor of high quality LED displays) was honored and privileged to be provided with this project.  The company supplied over 200 systems of it’s outdoor LED displays and installed it along this enormous bridge.  By this event, LianTronics greatly supports Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge to enlighten the world with its reliable and innovative LED displays.

2. LianTronics Creative Fine-pitch LED Display Lights up Alibaba Again
LianTronics fine-pitch LED video wall(PH1.9mm) installed in the lobby at the first floor consists of 14 special shaped LED screens which covers 33 sqms,. Every single screen can individually play contents or be controlled as a whole to display as one, which also symbolizes Alibaba's different sections. It’s worth mentioning that the creative gaps between the small units from 2.5cm to 5cm have brought difficulties to the construction. However, LianTronics professional engineers have overcome the difficulty of precision with dedicated attitude and superb techniques. Eventually, we successfully bring the outstanding performance of display to Alibaba.

3. Tencent New Office Building Sparkles with LianTronics Fine-pitch Giant Screens
LianTronics has provided 8K VL1.2 at Tencent’s reception hall, Military-level clear & sharp V0.8 screen at first-class intelligent meeting room, 56m2 LED video wall at Tencent’s lecture theater and P4 LED screen on basketball court.

4. LianTronics PH1.6mm Fine-pitch LED Video Wall Renovated A Broadcasting Studio, Switzerland
A broadcasting studio in Switzerland was renovated and installed LianTronics VL1.6 and FL3II LED video walls. LianTronics LED displays provide fine pixel pitches and preeminent motion-image quality for astonishing clarity and cater the demands of worldwide broadcasters.

5. LianTronics Fine-pitch LED Video Walls Renew a Broadcasting Studio in Washington DC
A broadcasting studio from Washington DC, has selected LianTronics VL series fine-pitch LED video walls for news of Arab world. With 1.2mm tight pixel pitch, three LianTronics VL1.2 ultra HD LED walls are installed perfectly to match the newly-decorated broadcasting studio.

6. LianTronics PH0.9mm Fine-pitch LED Display Enhanced National Smart Power Supply
LianTronics provided PH0.9mm fine-pitch LED video wall for Suzhou Power Supply Command Center. This 43 square meters LED video wall is absolutely a classic project of the upgrading of “Smart Power Supply”.

8. LianTronics LED Display Solutions Enhances Worship Experience at Paya Lebar Methodist Church
Paya Lebar Methodist Church located in Singapore was established on 10th July, 1932 with a long history. After the last major visual equipment upgrade more than about 10 years ago, the quality of the projection had dropped tremendously to the point where visual images projected were not sharp nor clear. Now. this problem has been perfectly solved with LianTronics FL Seires LED display solutions, and the screens are able to match the ambient lighting. The congregation can see the screen clearly from all angles and have a better worship experience.

9. LianTronics Rental LED Display Lights up Singapore Music Festival
LianTronics rental LED display is especially designed for rental applications including corporate events, car shows, meeting, exhibition, public and private events. With pixel pitches of 2.6mm, 2.9mm, 3.9mm, 4.8mm , LianTronics rental LED display is capable to be applied in a wide range of rental solutions.

10. LianTronics 1361m2 High-end Outdoor LED Displays Light up Super CBD
LianTronics has provided six LED video displays for Suzhou Center, one of the biggest CBD in East China. It’s including one PH10mm outdoor LED screen mounted on the wall outside the shopping mall and a rotation magic cube which brings preeminent display performance. Besides, four PH4mm indoor LED video walls installed in the center, three of them were installed as a circle covers all the crowd, the other one was in the skating rink.

11. LianTronics PH1.4mm Fine-pitch LED Curved Screen for A Cloud Data Center

12.LianTronics supports IFLYTEK's AI platform building plan with PH1.5mm fine pixel pitches LED display. 
IFLYTEK UNIVERSITY was set up to provide a face-to-face communication platform for AI developers and amateurs. And now there are already 40,000 students studying in the university. LianTronics LED display has played a crucial role in AI teaching. 

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