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LianTronics Mini LED, GOB Technology & FM Series Commercial LED Display Shine at ISE2019

LianTronics Mini LED, GOB Technology & FM Series Commercial LED Display Shine at ISE2019
AMSTERDAM, 2-5 February 2019- From these four days at the 2019 Integrated System Europe (ISE) Show, LianTronics, the world leading digital display solution provider will showcase state-of-the-art display solutions designed for a variety of applications including control room, broadcast, video conference, commercial and rental. Combined, these products deliver the image quality and flexibility required of various clients’ demands.
VA Series with Super Mini LED Display
“In recent years, high-and-mid-end NPP LED display market has embraced an explosive growth with the development of fine-pitch LED display technology. In the meantime, some industry pioneers with a keen market sense are actively seeking breakthroughs. Mini LED arose in this situation, considered as the mainstream of module technology and has become the trend in UHD LED display field”, said Summer Ye, director of international sales department at LianTronics. “As the world leading LED display provider, LianTronics has spent intense attention on product development and innovation. Now, we have made breakthrough achievement. LianTronics super Mini LED display has adapted all-in-one packaging technology. And I’m thrilled to share them at ISE 2018.”
LianTronics Mini LED adopts Custom Common Cathode Technology, efficiently lower the energy consumption and heat of the screen to extend the service life. More solder joints are added to improve the firmness of leds which ensure the high protection level and reliability of the LED display. Besides, it’s much more convenient for maintenance.
RA Series with GOB Technology
GOB Technology with super strong shield supports anti-collision, dust proof and easily cleaning. What makes it stand out of other protective tech is that it supports maintenance for single LED and there is no different after repair as before. Moreover, with pioneered “Integrated Protective Covers” design, independent design of module, frame and control box, “18bit+” low brightness and high gray level, LianTronics pulled rental LED display into “P1.X” era.
FM Series --- Stretched Bar Type FHD LED Commercial Display
Nowadays, LED display has won great favor from commercial display market for its flexible splicing and seamless display. LianTronics FM Series was launched at the right moment. Its innovative 32:9 panel can realize standard 16:9 splicing. With the weight of only 7kg(24kg/㎡)and no back structure, it’s easy for wall-mounted installation. Simple and convenient installation supports front and rear installation which makes it perfect to be applied in various situations. At ISE 2019, the 90 degrees design LED display has attracted eyes of lots of customers.
RE Series Curvable Rental Screen
RE Series(PH2.6/3.9mm) is designed as a fine-pitch curvable screen for rental use. By the use of only one type of panel, RE Series can realize your valued creations by being assembled into concave and convex screens from -10°to 10°, and the minimum radius of a circle screen is only 2.85 meters long. In addition, its user-friendly design allows you maintain modules and power box from both front and rear according to actual requirements. Besides, there are two different sizes of panels which can be assembled together, and more surprisingly the super compatible RE panels also support for mismatch splicing from all directions.
RE 3T LED Display
RE2S LED Display
ISE 2019 is still in full swing, please come to LianTronics booth: Hall 12, N30, H25 to have a visual feast!

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