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LianTronics METAGO Made Its Debut in European Operation Center

On 26th September, European customers gathered at LianTronics European operation center in Germany and witnessed the launch of LianTronics’ latest LED products and technologies, which have earned a good reputation among our guests. With powerful multi-function, LianTronics METAGO – a highly integrated LED display terminal for smarter and larger presentation – impressed the guests in this new product launch.


Born as an intelligent presentation solution, LianTronics METAGO can realize the real-time multi-party conferencing and wireless mirroring from different terminals. During the launch, our guests surrounded this all-in-one display and got their phones connected to METAGO to experience its different functions. ‘’It surprised me that METAGO can realize different functions besides simple demonstration,” one of the guests said. 

In European operation center, LianTronics fine-pitch video walls VA1.2 and VA 1.5 with HDR effect, RE curvable rental screen, FM FHD commercial panel were also showcased. Their excellent display effect and well-designed structure attracted the attention of our European clients.

Besides new products, LianTronics also introduced its latest technologies – LianTronics super Mini technology and XtremeSafe comprehensive protection technology, and had a technical discussion of the industry-leading Micro LED technology in this launch, which let our guests further aware of the advantages and bright future of LED display.

LianTronics European operation center was established in March in this year. Since its establishment, this operation center has offered a great opportunity not only for European partners and clients to experience LianTronics latest technologies and solutions, but also for LianTronics to further know about the customer needs and provide the best technical support locally.

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