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LED Lightbox

● Features of the LED Lightbox

Our LED lightbox screen highlights your message as well as adding to the style of the surrounding environment. A hot backup system and double backup power supply ensures stable operation during use, and the cutting-edge technology of motion sensing is also optional.

1. 140° wide viewing angle allows more passersby to access information
2. Great color restoration provides a vivid display
3. Exterior is tastefully designed
4. Switchable network access for wired networks, 3G and WIFI
5. Hot backup system and double backup power supply
6. Broadcast and control management of cloud technology
7. Statistical monitoring of audience traffic numbers (optional)
8. Optional motion sensing function

● System Diagram

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  • Pixel Pitch: 2mm
  • Screen Size: 97〞
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Phone: +86-755-23001729
Fax: +86-755-29746802

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