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Small Pixel LED Display

● Features of the Small Pixel Pitch LED Display

Our small pixel pitch LED display gives clear, precise images and is widely used in offices, lobby areas, and conference rooms for showing schedules, displaying presentations, and advertising.

1. Seamless Construction: A die-cast aluminum panel, high-precision design and CNC processing minimize inconsistency within 0.05mm.
2. Long Lifespan: Low-voltage power supply that works efficiently won’t burn out pixels, prolonging the life span of the LED display.
3. Quiet: An efficient IC drive, optimized PCB layout and no fan all contribute to silent operation.
4. Perfect Image: No flickering, brightlines or darklines ensures a better image.
5. Industrialized Production: We use our own leading patented technology, including die sinking, precise welding and automatic processing.
6. Color Uniformity: The LED display presents uniform color at all times with low power consumption and low temperature rise.
7. No Black Screen During Use: Reliable power supplies, data transmission, warning alerts, and power distribution system gives stable operation.
8. Safe Maintenance: Because it supports hot swapping, it is safe and convenient to maintain.

● System Diagram

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Phone: +86-755-23001729
Fax: +86-755-29746802

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