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Stadium LED Display

● Features of the Stadium LED Display

We’ve partnered long-term with such companies as the Maracana Stadium and for large events such as the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, providing stadium LED displays that feature clear, sharp images and a wide viewing angle for live broadcasts to large audiences. Our sports LED displays make any game good.

1. Uniform color and high contrast ratio ensures a clear and vivid image
2. Low power consumption
3. Wide viewing angle for larger audiences
4. Anti-UV modules prevents damage from exposure to sunlight
5. Long life span and low temperature rises due to duel channels for heat dissipation
6. High protection grade of IP65 makes the LED display waterproof and dustproof
7. Safe and reliable operation ensured by a stable signal and power supply
8. Synchronous signals display images steadily with no signal delay
9. Easy installation, dismantling and maintenance

● System Diagram

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  • Pixel Pitch:10mm
  • Panel Size:1440×960mm


  • Pixel Pitch: 8mm
  • Panel Size: 960×960mm
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Phone: +86-755-23001729
Fax: +86-755-29746802

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