Helios-Gr Series

Outdoor LED Ribbon Board Display

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Friendly Maintenance from the Top

Modules, receiving cards, signal wires & power supply can be directly maintained or replaced from the top.

Friendly Maintenance from the Top
High Protection
High Protection

Fully-sealed high-precision aluminum cabinet grants IP65 high protection to fit in different installation environment in stadiums of various kinds.

Perfect In-Camera Display Effect

3840+Hz refresh rate, 16bit grayscale and high brightness combine to deliver smooth and sharp broadcasting through different camera lens from different angles.

Fast & Convenient Setup
Fast & Convenient Setup

The interlocking structures achieve fast splicing between cabinets; hangers and mounting structures allow quick wall-mounting installation..

Model Helios-Gr8.3 Helios-Gr10 Helios-Gr16
Pixel Pitch (mm) 8.3 10 16
Panel Resolution (Pixel) 32*54 26*44 16*27
Panel Size W*H*D (mm) 1066*936*188
Panel Weight (kg/) 40
Brightness (nits) 6000~7000 (Optional)
Serviceability Top
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