XR (Extended Reality) Display Solution

XR (Extended Reality)

Display Solution


LianTronics XR (extended reality) display solution integrates high-resolution LED walls, camera tracking system and powerful graphics processing engine, and applies advanced technologies such as motion capture, AR, VR & 5G, through which real objects are immersed into the virtual world and virtual production can be completed without chroma keying and post-production. It can be applied to immersive scenarios like product launch, online education, virtual studio, broadcasting, musical & E-sports events, etc.


  • Excellent system compatibility

    Adopts international universal protocol standards, including color gamut standards, HDCP protocol, SDI protocol & TCP/IP protocols, and holds great compatibility & interoperability with systems like real-time rendering engines, media servers, tracking systems, etc.

  • Excellent picture restoration

    Color accuracy ΔE<2, 120-3840Hz ultra-high refresh rate, unique screen flicker-free technology, DCDi™ dynamic technology cooperated with Faroudja to solve the problem of picture asynchrony and misalignment, LianTronics as the first LED display solution provider to propose color management standardization brings true-to-nature broadcasting with smooth transition.

  • Unlimited time & space

    Indoor and outdoor scenes of different time periods of a day or of different seasons can be simulated with the LED background wall and auxiliary through XR display platform to save the time and cost of scene transfer. On-site content production discussion and immersive virtual content rapid production can be completed beyond the restriction of time & space.

  • Unlimited content creativity

    Quickly deliver surreal virtual objects, characters, props & environment. Multi-scene transfer, multi-dimensional spaces, multi-style integration & multi-field application can be realized through one XR display system. Creativity is possibility.

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