BIM Pro Series

Ultra Light & Thin

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New Generation of BIM Series-BIM Pro

Ultra light: weight to 23KG/㎡; extremely thin: thickness to 40mm.

16:9 Golden Ratio

Easily Splicing 2K/4K/8K Screen, Better Visual Enjoyment.

Total Front Maintenance, Various Installation Methods
  • Hanging
  • Wall Mounting
  • Ceiling
Wireless Connection Design

Simpler Inner Structure, Easy Maintenance.

Various Sizes and Customized Cabinet Angle (0-45°) for Flexible Splicing
Model BIM Pro1.6 BIM Pro1.9 BIM Pro2.6
Pixel Pitch(mm) 1.6 1.9 2.6
Cabinet Weight(kg) 7/6/5
Module Size(mm) 256(W)×288(H)

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