VAⅡ Series

Improve. Impress. Intelligentize.

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Aesthetics & Scientificity into One

Built-in power snuggles along the aluminum back shell with cooling silicone layer to achieve excellent heat dissipation. Exterior geometrically aesthetic thermal slots can further amplify the cooing area.

IP60 Comprehensive Protection

Fully sealed cabinets in IP60 high protection effectively lower down the failures of inside components.

True-to-life Broadcasting

High contrast ratio & grayscale, NTSC-level color gamut, ultra-high flatness and 160° wide views combine to present enticing images with sharp colors. The latest LianTronics Picture Engine Technology enables to elevate the demonstrated pictures into 22bit+ realistic effect.

Intelligentized Module Control

Support real-time monitoring from smart terminals and quality backtracking. Calibration retrieval can be done automatically after module replacement.

N+1 Pro Smart Power Control

The external power supply cluster adopts N+1 redundant back up with PFC function and wide voltage range. Real-time power working status can be monitored and controlled remotely.

User-friendly Complete Front Serviceability

All removable components can be maintained from the front. The friendly serviceability gives you higher installation flexibility to meet your needs.

Ergonomic Product Experience

Implicit handles, shading treatment edges, protective bevels, optional monitoring LCD panel, and more ergonomic product details combine to provide you with ultimate experience comfort.

Model VAⅡ0.9 VAⅡ1.1 VAⅡ1.2 VAⅡ1.4 VAⅡ1.5 VAⅡ1.8
Pixel Pitch(mm) 0.9 1.1 1.2 1.4 1.5 1.8
Panel Resolution(W×H) 640×360 512×288 480×270 416×234 384×216 320×180
Weight(kg/pcs) 6.7
Panel Size(mm) 600(W)×337.5(H)×60(D)

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