VAⅢ Series

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8:9 Bigger Cabinet Compatible with VAⅡ Series
Support Single-Cabinet Power Off 

Friendly Assembly

8: 9 bigger die-cast aluminum cabinets are more friendly for fast assembly of FHD/4K/8K-resolution LED walls.

Great Compatibility

Support up-and-down mixed splicing with LianTronics hot-selling VAII Series LED display to achieve more possibilities.

Ultra-high Protection

IP60 protection with optional unique nano-coating craftsmanship resists well external moisture and corrosion.

Reliable Performance

The support of backup of power supply and receiving card, wireless connection with modules, and power off of single cabinet provides a higher level of security.

Real-time Monitoring

LCD panel is optional to monitor the all-round operation parameters of the cabinet in real time .

Excellent Display Effect

Ultra-high refresh rate, patented inkjet technology, HDR and 3D display accessibility realize more gorgeous picture quality.

Flexible Installation & Maintenance

Support both front and rear installation, and full front-accessible maintenance to save space.

Model VAⅢ0.9 VAⅢ1.2 VAⅢ1.5 VAⅢ1.8
Pixel Pitch(mm) 0.9 1.2 1.5 1.8
Panel Resolution(W×H) 640×720 480×540 384×432 320×360
Panel Size(mm) 600(W)×675(H)×60(D)
Panel Weight(Kg/pcs) 10
Serviceability Front
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